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If you want a good, full book on nuclear survival, it's worth checking out Cresson H Kearny's book on it from research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I'm not planning on using any of the information, but it's fairly enjoyable to learn about some of the particulars. It's like thinking of how you would survive a zombie apocalypse. It is fairly optimistic about survival if you aren't in the blast radius and is chock full of useful information, including what sort of attacks would be most likely and what to do in each phase. He makes a real point of saying that it wouldn't be the end of the world and is very survivable; people get a much more depressing and fatalistic view sometimes. Cheer up. [ ]
neilellis · 2017-09-21 · Original thread
Yeah I downloaded it last time I got paranoid about nuclear equipped super-powers falling out with each other.

(In case of real emergency, maybe the paper version :-

If you can put aside my prepper-paranoia then I suggest it's a good practical and insightful read. There are many tips in there that would serve you well during any disaster, man made or otherwise.

Don't forget to buy your geiger counter while stocks last :-)

Oh and get your copy of SAS Survival Handbook, a timeless read :-

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