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mkonikov · 2019-09-24 · Original thread
I’d recommend the book NurtureShock (

It has great chapters on sleep, race, praise and most interesting of all, how the ways in which our efforts to become perfect parents can backfire.

portman · 2010-11-11 · Original thread
It worked for me growing up.

I attended 8 schools between ages 12 and 18 (yes, more than one per year) and was bullied throughout.

And that's why comparing parenting strategies is almost never fruitful -- nearly every decision a parent makes is deeply personal, made with very few data points.

( By the way, if any parents here have NOT read Nurture Shock, buy it right now. Pretty much the only data-driven book on parenting there is. )

gjm11 · 2010-04-03 · Original thread
Probably a typo for "NurtureShock", a recently published book:

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