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> How long-term ...

If you are interested in the answers to these questions, I'd kindly refer you to the original treatise I mentioned. It will cover these answers and more in far better detail.

You would be mistaken to think that employment, stock valuation, and that business transactions couldn't occur otherwise, are necessarily good things or in fact actually true. It would be an over generalization and other fallacies. They get their money for operations regardless through preferential loans. Stock valuation is very much floated on option structures which are just another indirection.

> They facilitate business transactions they couldn't otherwise make.

It sounds like you may have drunk their kool-aid. This is almost verbatim what their marketing department puts out. They lie often, and recently were caught in some of those lies. Not just to customers, but to the US Government as well. For example, they have claimed that pagerank and Authoritative Score are not collected or used, but their leaked internal API documentation shows otherwise.

The stock market isn't a good example for you, because Valuation is transitory, and what drives the company is in fact the debt that they hold and their preferential treatment by banks which print money from nothing. The advertising market sector withered and died when google took over (funded by government grant).

Regarding business transactions that they couldn't otherwise make, compared to what? If google left the market, there would be a vacuum because they are a monopoly and they got there through Lax antitrust oversight, and deceptive business practices. For there to be winners, there had to be losers.

Prior to Google; Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines, largely thrived on ad revenue which is now no longer available. They all have to kiss the ring.

There is also a fair argument that google actively engages in enabling ad-fraud on a much greater scale than previous structures. They claim otherwise, but they've also removed metrics to ensure no one else can contradict them. Uber cut their entire ad spend in 2016 amid controversy (origin of ads), and they found the metrics didn't line up with their actual sales following that change.

> The moment your species fertility rate dropped below replacement ...

The fertility rate is a lagging indicator. There is nothing rational that proves that it will continue to go down once it gets below a threshold. Generally there are reasons why it reduces from the norm, and when those reasons are addressed then the rate would no longer be depressed and it would go back up.

> Fussing about Google and whether or not making you watch bad advertisements

I don't recall mentioning anything about youtube. I'm more concerned with real harms.

> Just what evil acts are they committing exactly

To adequately answer this rationally, I'd need to reference a few books from subject matter experts which are not common knowledge today at a bare minimum to keep this response to a sufficiently short length. I'll reference them at the bottom.

The short gist is, both as kids (developmentally), and in times of isolation or extreme duress (torture), the mind enters a vulnerable hypnotic state where permanent changes can be induced, sometimes very subtly (without your knowledge).

This has been proven in the 50s through a structured approach of distorting reflected appraisal, and other methods, the former is the distortion of the biological mechanism all humanity uses to pass culture to our offspring.

Google structures their results and other aspects of their services to use this mechanism to induce bias for their own short-term gain. It largely happens below a conscious threshold, and there is little if any defense if you don't know about it.

To the uneducated (in this area) this sounds on its face fantastical to most people largely because media has associatively primed us to think of these things like the silly trances we see in movies, but it is real and rational science backed from the 1950s (POWs and torture). This has not been refuted, and its known that rational thought is the first thing to go in these torture structures (which need not be physical).

Additionally, there is an uncanny valley where psychological reversals happen when you think someone is trying to manipulate you. Its an irrational emotional response and adaptive. Anything that we might view as a communication of meaning is open to distorted reflected appraisal, it is a hard-wired vulnerability.

When distorted reflected appraisal is not consistent (and it never can be, unlike actual reflected appraisal), weird things happen to people's psychology.

Some people disassociate (more like zombies/automata), others become psychotic (and potentially violent), only a few people have higher tolerances and seem to be unaffected (but they are still somewhat changed, hollowed out).

Google is using this mechanism for their gain, and enabling businesses to do the same through their platforms (pay for play). In addition to this, they also are removing history (not segmenting spam from legitimate material; removing it all), they lie, and they also make weapons (anything a weapon depends on is part of that weapon system). All of these things are evil because they all promote outcomes of stagnation or destruction.

> figurative extinction... How might it happen for real?

Our society is past ecological overshoot. A review of Malthus law of population shows technology can allow overcoming ecological limits to growth, but its primary dependency is organization, and rational thought.

If people are subtly induced into either of the two states mentioned (through mental coercion), its just a matter of time before systems fall into ruin and fail, and many of the feedback system's in place (including our perception) fail, or encourage brittle changes which induce more failures.

Sieving purchasing power in the economy for example makes the general person's life so dystopian that you end up with something like the plot of "In Time".

People will cease having children because it costs too much. When the exposure to torture systems becomes so great, and life so insufferable, some will seek to end their own lifes, or their childrens (as happened in the 1500/1600s regarding the natives under Pizarro iirc), some will become psychotic in their madness and act out violently against innocents before being killed themselves, some will simply wither and eventually die.

This is documented historically in a book called "The Wealth and Poverty of Nations", in the chapters of the effects of the Spanish Inquisition, and the expansion to South America.

Inevitably, all paths lead to what? (slavery, then death, which is destruction). Meeting the definition.

The world is the culmination of aggregate action. Evil acts beget more evil acts, and we are at a point in society and technological development where corrective counter organization can no longer occur. Evil overflows, and unfortunately, the lessons learned by East Germany's Stasi were put to horrifying use by all other supposedly democratic governments without the knowledge (or education) of those they claim to represent.


Dr. Robert Epstein (Editor in Chief at Psychology TOday) has a good talk on what google is doing.

Robert Lifton "Thought Reform, Psychology of Totalism" (in depth PoW stories of Mao during Korean Conflict).

John Meerloo "Rape of the Mind" (includes both the details of this subject under Mao and Nazi torture)

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