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thebigshane · 2012-09-02 · Original thread
We're in agreement. I should have worded it as: there isn't anything a recreational jogger needs from running books in order to enjoy and even get decent at running. Not to say running books are completely useless, but most of the things you could get from them are better learned from experience or passed down by a coach/trainer. Exception: Running magazines (or any magazine for that matter) are only there to entertain you and sell you things. Another exception: if buying running accessories/books helps motivate you, go for it, but I don't think I really needed anything more than a running journal/log.

Another really good running book for those still following along: Once a Runner --

wallflower · 2010-10-02 · Original thread
Wow! You are an elite runner. I highly recommend "Once a Runner" by John L. Parker if you have not yet read it. It just got reprinted in paperback.

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