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gregd · 2015-02-12 · Original thread
I love Krakauer's style of writing and have read all of his books. His writing style reminds a lot of Stephen Ambrose.

If you like Into The Wild, you might also like One Man's Wilderness about Richard Proenneke:

cdjk · 2013-01-29 · Original thread
Dick Proenneke ( did something similar in Alaska. He lived alone, but brought supplies in, had a wood stove, a rifle, and even spent the occasional winter in civilization. He wrote a book about his first couple years:

It suffers a little from some heavy editing, but is very interesting. There's also a video that airs on PBS every so often, which is worth watching. He died in 2003, but left his cabin to the National Park Service.

I've been to his cabin, and it's been preserved as he left it. It's amazing what he was able to make with simple tools. The door is particularly neat - the hinges and bear-proof lock are made entirely of wood.

Sometimes it makes me want to move to Alaska and build a cabin. Internet connectivity is a bit of a problem, but I suppose that's the point.

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