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arethuza · 2016-05-16 · Original thread
I can strongly recommend One Minute to Midnight for a minute by minute account of the Cuban missile crisis - it is incredibly tense even though we know it worked out OK!

arethuza · 2014-11-08 · Original thread
Also "One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War" - which is pretty alarming even when we know how it all worked out:

arethuza · 2013-09-26 · Original thread
The book "One Minute to Midnight" about the Cuban Missile Crisis has a rather long list of places during that confrontation that almost led to nuclear war.

One fascinating one was a U2 getting lost on the way to the North Pole due to the Northern Lights and flying back into the Soviet Union just at the wrong time - alarming the Soviets and resulting in fighters being sent up by the US to protect the ailing U2. Unfortunately, due to the US being at Defcon 2 the fighters were only armed with nuclear air-to-air missiles.... The relief (for a number of reasons) the U2 pilot felt when he eventually landed was, understandably, rather intense!

Amazing book about a ghastly time.

arethuza · 2013-07-19 · Original thread
The Soviets had missiles based on MiG-15 fighter - a nuclear armed version of one of these missiles was aimed at the Guantanamo Bay base during the Cuban Missile Crisis. See:

Probably a SSC-2B "Samlet":

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