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slamdance · 2017-09-13 · Original thread
Also - the book One Second After is based on the premise of an EMP attack.
This is not just an issue with regard to CMEs. An electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear weapon could do catastrophic damage. One Second After[1] was written in an attempt to help bring attention to the devastation that a single, well-placed nuke could do off the coast of the US.

I think people don't take is seriously, like many things in our society, because when you look at it closely, you begin to realize our entire society is a house of cards. There are so many places that are vulnerable that even thinking about it becomes overwhelming.


theg2 · 2014-05-03 · Original thread One Second After (nearly done with it) is focused on a small town in the midst of something described here. Pretty good read on the topic.
If you want a good read on the effect of a massive EMP attack, read "One Second After"[1]. William R. Forstchen wrote it after presenting to the US Congress on the dangers of EMP, and having the presentation be largely ignored.


fagatini · 2011-12-28 · Original thread
Depends on the size, of course. It would take more than 1 to cripple the entire country I would assume, but yes, if enough went off the country would grind to a halt. Cell phones, ATMs, etc would not work, at least for a time.

There are tons of books about this. was a good one. Fiction, but still.

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