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brudgers · 2021-06-17 · Original thread
My beard is gray. I tend to apply Occam’s razor. The problem with code is almost never a bug in the compiler.

The simplest explanation for your experience is not Google being incompetent.

I have read AskHN’s written a bit later under similar facts. The consultant is trying to get their own account reinstated because they made a new account on behalf of a client experiencing “arbitrary” mistreatment.

Outside of that, the market for consulting clients is a market for lemons. Good clients already have consultants. Those consultants hang onto good clients like grim death.

I could be misreading what you wrote. You might not have written down something that would change my take.

Maybe this is not a situation where you pay the dumb tax. But everyone pays it sometimes.

As for paranoia:

melling · 2021-02-10 · Original thread
Too big to fail?

Remember all those Intel clones?

Intel crushed everyone now we need to save it?

Do we have another option?

“Only the Paranoid Survive” -Andy Grove

andrewstuart · 2016-03-22 · Original thread
Gordon Moore created Moore's law and Andy Grove made it happen.

Loved this book

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