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BurningFrog · 2020-10-24 · Original thread
Caplan is a libertarian.

You'll never see anything like his pro open borders book from the right wing:

hirundo · 2020-09-20 · Original thread
> But then it doesn't seem to address any of them!

No, but the book he references does address them, with unusual clarity:

At the bottom of the post the writer thanks one of the authors of that book for reviewing a draft.

mabbo · 2020-07-30 · Original thread
Zach Weinersmith's ability to tell compelling non-fiction via comics is something I truly love. He manages to take what the person is saying, convert it into a comic form of them saying it, while adding humour. And throughout the process, what is being said does not seem to be degraded at all. There's also a level of openness we all seem to have to something that comes at us as a comic rather than hard text.

I don't even think we have a good word for what this practice is, but I'll go with "Art" because it takes a lot of that.

His book on Immigration[0] is a large-scale version of this skill in practice and I suspect a lot of HN readers might enjoy it, regardless of if you agree with his points or not.


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