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PJ was and is a paralegal. She doesn't know what the fuck she is talking about (same with you). She's reading from "Copyright Litigation Handbook" on westlaw. She reads about the irrevocability of commercial copyright license contracts. The reason those are non-revocable outside of the terms is because ///THEY WERE PAID FOR///. You BOUGHT the terms. You BOUGHT the "this is the way we revoke the license" term. That is what you are purchasing. Security.

Nice source though. I cite the man who wrote the /book/ on opensource litigation, who you can look up and is a lawyer (since you won't believe me), and you cite some paralegal who immediately stopped talking once she was outed (because she was wrong and perhaps using company time to run up bills on westlaw).

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Again, citing an article from a rag that cites PJ the paralegal. ( Try this instead: )

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