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justicezyx · 2021-07-06 · Original thread

> Right to food

I guess this can be blamed on US embargo.

> Repression of dissent & Freedom of expression


Not sure if such mild issues justify the harsh embargo... Well, I guess US truly wanted all the south american nations to be deprived of independent industrialization. [1]

I guess the rise of China offered an alternative to these SA nations.

Let's see how things pan out...


scardine · 2019-08-14 · Original thread
Well, regarding South America there is a generation that grew up reading "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent" (even the author Eduardo Galeano has criticized his own work).

Blaming all the region problems on the "imperialists" and stuff like that is a line of thought still very alive and kicking around here - it is way easier to blame some imaginary entity than taking responsibility for your present situation. It is very inline with the current "outrage porn" culture.


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