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jnordwick · 2016-09-23 · Original thread
For options the other two that I've read and liked are Sinclair and McMillian:

001sky · 2012-12-11 · Original thread
Something like "Options as a Strategic Investment" is probably the shallow end of the big pool of modern trading. Highly recommended. Others might disagree, and say its over-ambitious (without some technical chops).

gth158a · 2012-03-29 · Original thread
I have never been a fan of buying stock given the 1/3 probability of making money (you only make money when your stock goes up and lose money when the particular stock has no movement or declines in value). In my opinion derivatives present a better alternative and I am particularly fond of stock options, which can be used for either speculation (bet on the performance of a company) or as a safety net on your long positions (like an insurance policy). With options you can make money when the market goes up, down or sideways based on your position. Something to consider, is that your exposure with stock options tends to be a fraction of what it would be if buying the underlying stock. Your exposure is limited (you can only lose as much money as you paid for the contracts) and your upside is "theoretically" unlimited. If you are interested in learning about it. make sure to grab McMillan's "Option as an Strategic Investment"

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