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mcphage · 2019-04-24 · Original thread
His previous book "Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art" ( was also really, really interesting.
hx2a · 2018-02-15 · Original thread
Unfortunately I don't. The Professor isn't putting anything online.

He did recommend some online resources for us to use though.

There's this youtube channel:

And this book:

I also have this book:

But find it to be very difficult. Not for beginners by any means.

That should help get you started.

Red_Tarsius · 2015-05-08 · Original thread
I'm an aspiring inventor of board games, so that takes all my free time. In the past, I used to practice technical origami: The ancient art of paper folding meets mathematics. It's the best of both worlds: a very practical, yet mind-bending activity.

If you're interested, start by reading Robert J. Lang and Erik Demaine

Origami Design Secret is the best introduction on modern techniques:

I also read a lot. It's not cool yet, but it will be if I get to read 100+ non-fiction books in one year. That's my goal for 2015.

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