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tim333 · 2024-02-09 · Original thread
>Cannot be disproved, cannot be verified.

Not 100% but you can get a reasonable idea but looking. The God hypothesis seems unlikely for a variety of reasons such as the presence of evil and why there are trillions of stars if it was made for us.

Simulations are normally quite imperfect - you can see the pixels etc. The physics of our universe is hard to simulate - we can't even do one proton reasonably well yet no glitches are seen in physics experiments so that hypothesis seems unlikely too.

Personally I think it's maths. The deeper in physics you go the more it looks like maths. See for example.

dgellow · 2019-02-05 · Original thread
“Our Mathematical Universe” by the cosmologist Max Tegmark.

mirceal · 2018-12-05 · Original thread
If anyone is interested in dark matter and dark energy I recommend this book:

Written by this guy is does a fantastic job of going from really simple concepts/experiments to blowing your mind.

canjobear · 2017-07-07 · Original thread
> I wonder sometimes if you could make a religion out of all this

lomnakkus · 2017-01-31 · Original thread
Certainly some do. Max Tegmark would be an example[1]. He posts a sort of "all possible universes with all possible laws". (I think "possible" in this context roughly means mathematically consistent.)


When I became interested in modern physics theories of both quantum and universe level, I found the following book [0] by Max Tegmark to have very good explanations regarding origin and nature of the universe, quantum mechanics, and just interesting stories / facts from the life of physicists.


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