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seibelj · 2020-08-01 · Original thread
Check out the book Overcharged if you want a fairly quick read that explains the healthcare scam from top to bottom

Easiest way to get rich in America is to start a health clinic and start billing Medicare. Absolute trash from top to bottom.

seibelj · 2019-12-19 · Original thread
There is enormous money in fleecing government programs, particularly medicade / medicare, and it's a lot easier if you control many touchpoints (ambulance, urgent care, specialists, etc.). The book Overcharged describes many of the common scams

Organized crime has moved out of overtly sleezy industries like gambling into much more profitable ones.

patrickmay · 2019-09-25 · Original thread
Healthcare is expensive and getting more so because of over reliance on insurance and government imposed restrictions on supply. See "Overcharged" for a detailed summary of the issues:
seibelj · 2018-10-07 · Original thread
If you want an extremely accurate and often hilarious book on what’s wrong with healthcare, I recommend “Overcharged”. If anything it taught me that everything is negotiable with health insurance.

seibelj · 2018-09-12 · Original thread
I will link to this book over and over: "Overcharged" explains the American medical system and its problems in great detail. Cannot recommend it more. Price obfuscation, third-party payments, and government interference have warped the medical system in ways that will make you laugh (then cry).

seibelj · 2018-09-07 · Original thread
I can’t recommend the book Overcharged enough if you really want to understand what is wrong with American healthcare. The answer is basically everything, but the fee-per-service billing model and third-party billing that obfuscates prices are the essential causes.

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