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1cvmask · 2021-10-25 · Original thread
The US has been organized in over 600 coup d'etats/regime change operations around the world since WWII. A good book on that is Overthrow by Stephen Kinzer:

A book on the CIA regime change attempts in Angola:

In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story

09bjb · 2021-10-07 · Original thread
It wouldn't be the first time...or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth...


pmoriarty · 2021-05-26 · Original thread
"the history is full of US meddling in democratic process of other nations"

There's an interesting book about this called Overthrow.[1]

[1] -

pmoriarty · 2020-08-19 · Original thread
To anyone interested in this, I'd highly recommend Stephen Kinzer's Overthrow.[1]

It covers not just this incident, but many others throughout history when the US has overthrown foreign governments.

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teh_klev · 2018-04-08 · Original thread
I apologise if this sounds a wee bit snippy but I think you need to read some history books to find out what the US and western friends were getting up to prior to Bush Jr's time in office. Here's a couple of suggestions:

Have a look for books on the US's covert (and slightly less covert) activities in Central and South America.

harshreality · 2013-08-21 · Original thread
He felt he was sent around the world not to protect his country's freedom or safety, but government and corporate interests.

There's nothing new about that. (by Gen. Smedley Butler) (by Stephen Kinzer)

xster · 2012-01-06 · Original thread
Nothing new here... more of the same since many decades. Check and now Libya and Syria while ignoring the most likely more oppressive US ally Saudi Arabia.

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