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raamdev · 2017-05-01 · Original thread
One of the most amazing books I've read about simple ways to correct the muscular imbalances that result from too much sitting is Pete Egoscue's Pain Free at Your PC [1]. His other book, Pain Free [2] is also extremely effective and informative.

The first part of Pain Free explains how muscular imbalances form and, most insightful to me, how every human body has the same design range of motion (with a few exceptions due to birth defects or disease), that is every human body is designed to have the same range of motion but muscular imbalances formed as the result of specific repeated activities (or lack of activity) impede that design range of motion. All of the exercises in the Egoscue Method require no special equipment, only simple things like a chair or a wall (which further convinced me that it's not a fad out to sell something). Highly recommend reading these books if you're interested in this topic.



clintavo · 2008-12-29 · Original thread
I too have had multiple problems since taking my web company full time about three years ago. I've had the tingling, muscle knots and I've also had prostate pain and frequent urination. I'm not sure if the prostate thing is related but my doctors have not found any other underlying cause.

I've recently found a couple of things that help:

1. A book called "Pain Free at Your PC"

It has special stretches, some yoga inspired, to counteract the problems developed from sitting for long-periods.

2. A got a think called a "butt-cushion". I was skeptical when my friend suggested it, but felt some relief almost immediately.

Hope these ideas help someone.

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