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mikkergp · 2020-02-21 · Original thread
I don't know if I'm pro a 4-day work week, (I'm personally not for it if it's 4x10 instead of 5x8)

But I'm reading the book [peak performance]( (Highly recommended) and I generally think that companies should really encourage those employees to work at a schedule that works best for them (This is obviously harder for shift work where the value comes from having a person in a chair at certain times)

We have all these norms about 8 hour days, and 5 day weeks and not sleeping at work, and I think people should be given the freedom to work in the way that works best for them.

One norm I'm trying to get used to breaking right now is the norm about "sleeping at work". I would be much more productive if I napped for 15 or so minutes twice a day. I know that when it comes to coding or writing I could get a ton done in a 3-4 1-hour-sessions day if those 3-4 hours were clear, well defined and rested. I could get much more done in "3-4 hours" than an "8 hour day" with meetings and other administrivia thrown in. I'd guess my optimal work week is somewhere around 26 hours, assuming that the space between those 26 hours is spent resting and focusing and getting ready to work hard those 26 hours.

jpster · 2017-08-15 · Original thread
I'm finding good tips about this in this book:
jpster · 2017-07-22 · Original thread
I've also been digging into its non-linearity, getting a lot out of this book at the moment:

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