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AlexDanger · 2014-01-14 · Original thread
Alas no. I read a range of sci-fi but am not aware of other authors who write such amazing speculative fiction. He really takes sci-fi ideas to unpredictable yet believable conclusions. It is real hard sci-fi.

If you do discover similar authors, please let me know.

Recommended reading:

All his short stories are amazing. I'd highly recommend them:

Some of his novels are hit and miss, but certainly worth checking out. This is probably my favourite:

shabble · 2011-08-20 · Original thread
Permutation City[1] by Greg Egan is one particular (hard SF) look at this idea.

I'm pretty sure there are others, it's quite a common trope.

In the (hopefully) real world, there was something fairly recently about possible violations of the Planck length: (news wrapper around )


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