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citizenkeys · 2013-04-04 · Original thread

This is "the" php book that everybody uses to learn php and mysql. It's also the book I used years ago. It covers both php and mysql, which is good because both are consistently used together.

mattyb · 2010-07-09 · Original thread
I applaud your efforts, but those tutorials are old and crusty. Please get a good book or two.

Don't buy both, too much overlap. Just pick the one you like. The latter is long, but worth it. I've got more recommendations if you're interested.

mudge · 2007-08-21 · Original thread
Do want to learn Web programming? PHP is probably the easiest programming language to learn for server-side web programming. I've read several books on PHP and looked over a bunch, and a lot are pretty good, but one of the best is this one:

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