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WalterGR · 2021-04-13 · Original thread
PBRT is Physically Based Rendering: From Theory To Implementation by Matt Pharr, Wenzel Jakob, Greg Humphreys.

fsloth · 2018-03-07 · Original thread
If you want fun miniproject may I suggest Peter Shirley's excellent mini-raytracing bookseries: Ray Tracing In One Weekend, Ray tracing the next week, and Ray Tracing, the Rest of Your Life:

If you get interested on rendering Matt Pharr & Co's Oscar winning "Physically based rendering" is a didactic masterpiece.

The book is one of the best examples of how to combine high quality code and academic exposition together.

yannickt · 2017-02-16 · Original thread
"Physically Based Rendering" walks you through the theory behind, and the implementation of, a photo-realistic rendering system (not real-time).

An extremely thorough guide to ray tracing.

adamnemecek · 2017-01-19 · Original thread
Few things consistently blow my mind as insane graphics demos (or basically anything on that site)

How is that 400 lines of code.

Or this one which even generates the sound on the GPU

With the wide adoption of WebGL, it's a good time to get involved in graphics. Furthermore, GPUs are taking over esp. with the advent of machine learning (nvidia stock grew ~3x, amd ~5x last year). The stuff nvidia has been recently doing is kinda crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if in 15 years, instead of AWS, we are using geforce cloud or smth, just because nvidia will have an easier time building a cloud offering than amazon will have building a gpu.

These are some good resources to get started with graphics/games

# WebGL Programming Guide: Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL

Historically, C++ has definitely been THE language for doing graphics but if you are starting these these, you would have to have really compelling reasons to start with C++ and not JavaScript and WebGL. And that's coming from someone who actually likes C++ and used to write it professionally.

# Book of Shaders

# Game Programming Patterns

HN's own @munificent wrote a book discussing the most important design patterns in game design. Good book applicable beyond games.

# Game engine architecture

# Computer graphics: Principles and Practice

This is more of college textbook if you'd prefer that but the WebGL one is more accessible and less dry.

# Physically Based Rendering & Real-Time Rendering

These discuss some state of the art techniques in computer graphics. I'm not going to claim to have really read them but from what I've seen they are very solid.

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