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briantakita · 2020-01-07 · Original thread
Dr. Anthony Perat, protege of Hannes Alfven, has a cosmological model based on plasma, which is observable & subject to physically reproducible experiments & replaces the need for both Dark Matter & Dark Energy as mathematical artifacts.

briantakita · 2019-10-17 · Original thread
The Plasma Physics & Electric Universe models considers "dark matter" to be plasma in dark mode & utilizes equations used in Electrical Engineering & other Electrodynamic/Plasma models.

Relativity (time dilation) & > 3 physical dimensional mathematics is rejected in favor of physical experimentation & interpreting physical phenomena through the lens of plasma behavior (dark & glow & arc modes, discharge, z-pinch, Birkeland Currents, etc). The EU model has successfully predicted surprising phenomona of asteroids/comets & astrogeology and makes bold interstellar predictions. Luminaries, deviating from the standard model, include Hannes Alfvén, Anthony Peratt, Ralph Jurgens, Immanuel Velikovsky, Kristian Birkeland, Nikoli Tesla, David Talbott, Donald Scott.

Recent physical experimental success include the SAFIRE project. "The SAFIRE PROJECT reactor generates energy densities analogous to the Sun's a laboratory on Earth".

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