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DanBC · 2017-06-24 · Original thread
I'm looking for good books (fact or fiction) about vikings for young children - under 8.

Pirate Diary - The Journal of Jake Carpenter by Richard Platt, illustrated by Chris Riddel. (I think this is good. The illustration is very good (and it won a Greenaway medal for the illustration).

A Flat Stanley collection. (I don't think it's much good. My son enjoys it though.)

And I'm about to start re-reading everything by Fred Vargas.

DanBC · 2016-05-15 · Original thread
Still mostly reading childrens books.

This is not my hat:

Black dog:

FArTHER: (Sadly this book uses a stupid font. Other than that it's lovely.)

Pirate Diary:

I get these from the CILIP Kate Greenaway award. Once you know the name of the writer, or illustrator, or even publisher, you can usually find more good books.

CILIP is a UK librarian organisation. The US equivalent award is probably something like the Caldecott Medal:

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