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baursak · 2018-06-01 · Original thread
I'm interested in this. So far, the best resources I found are:

- "Red Plenty" by Francis Spufford, a mix of fiction and non-fiction about planning experience in the USSR. It includes a rich bibliography and references to papers published over the past 70 years around this issue.

- There are few papers by Chinese economists, most notably this one: (you have to mess around with Sci-Hub mirrors to get a free copy).

- There are few papers and books by Michael Ellman, e.g.:

- I also have a few primers on linear programming in my to-do list, e.g.:

- Somewhat tangential, but "the greatest American capitalist" ripping into EMH is a fun read too:

None of these really talk about the software still, but I would imagine a combination of:

- existing supply-chain systems already in place at Amazon, Walmart, etc.,

- something along the lines of non-monetary Kickstarter to gauge popularity of ideas from the ground up, and encourage innovation

- strong democratic institutions

- still allow free market at low levels, like individual entrepreneurs that don't employ anybody (once you employ someone, it must be a co-op).

Dunno, these are just random ideas in my head. :)

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