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kaycebasques · 2023-11-22 · Original thread
I have the unwieldy hardcover version [1] published by Walsworth in 2005. It's a great read. It's hard for me to hate a guy who ascribes his success to being fiercely curious about everything.


tvchurch · 2019-04-17 · Original thread
This makes me think of Charlie Munger's insistence on checklists:
axlprose · 2017-05-09 · Original thread
> Charlie's cog is a very big one indeed so he can make comments like that with no irony or self-awareness.

I highly recommend reading some of his writings [0] then, because having "a lack of self-awareness" is the last trait I'd use to describe that man.


sivers · 2010-05-09 · Original thread
Charlie Munger is one of my few heroes. A great all-around thinker, about more than just investing. I highly recommend a dive into his mind via these two books:

Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger = = a deep read, mostly focused on cognitive biases

Poor Charlie's Almanack = = a big coffee table book of his speeches and essays, good for leaving on the kitchen table to read over a meal

I think if you order the books directly from Charlie Munger's company, the proceeds go to charity:

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