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lewisjoe · 2015-03-29 · Original thread
Here's a book that got me started -

Practical Django Projects got me started with a simple webapp in around 24 hours.

elithrar · 2012-10-20 · Original thread
> Is the Django Book ready to use as it is to learn Django? The Django docs I think are not enough for someone starting out learning their first web framework(they seem to go deep right away and don't provide a structured way of learning).

It's pretty outdated by now, so you'll likely spend more time checking the differences (i.e. class based views). Same goes for Practical Django Projects[3].

You're best off looking at some online tutorials, another Django Book[1], or thinking of something to build and approaching it from scratch. Django's docs are very good, and there's a lot of open source projects out there that have likely accomplished something similar.

PS: I'm disappointed Reinout van Rees book was canned[2]

[1]: [2]: [3]:

iamelgringo · 2009-07-19 · Original thread
It sounds like you want 2 things.

1: Build out your killer idea 2: Learn Django and use it

I don't think the transition from Ror to Django should be that big of a deal for you. Ruby and Python are similar enough, and the frameworks have enough conceptual overlap that it shouldn't be that big of a deal for you to switch.

The Django community is very responsive and professional with questions. Posts on the newsgroup usually get answered within hours, and IRC channel within minutes.

If you do go Django, may I suggest Practical Django Projects:

Also, if you're looking for off shore Django developers, look up a few people on

webology · 2008-04-28 · Original thread
It also might be worth pointing out the community size based on the frameworks. By looking at their respective IRC channels and/or Google Group sizes you can get a rough estimate how big each of their communities are. Overall, I've found any / all python web framework communities to be extremely helpful and friendly. I say that not to take away from the non-python frameworks because I don't have experience with them.

I couldn't easily find your email so here is a list instead. These books are out right now:

The Definitive Guide to Django: Web Development Done Right:

Sams Teach Yourself Django in 24 Hours:

Professional Python Frameworks: Web 2.0 Programming with Django and Turbogears:

Here are two coming out later in the year:

Practical Django Projects (June or July 2008):

Python Web Development with Django (Sep 2008):

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