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sillysaurusx · 2021-05-21 · Original thread
I've been thinking a lot about how to apply FFTs to neural networks, so this is timely; thank you.

If you're looking for deeper explanations, I recommend "Practical Signal Processing":

Many of the chapters are here: but buy the book if you can afford to.

In particular, Chapter 4's "untwisting" intuition is the best I've found:

Another way of phrasing it: You know that effect when a wheel is spinning so fast, it looks like it's going backwards? If it looks like it's standing still, there's a Fourier coefficient at that rotational frequency.

... Or at least, I think there is. It's hard to be precise with analogies.

ChuckMcM · 2016-12-24 · Original thread
I would be interested in knowing how it compares to Practical Signal Processing (

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