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Tangurena · 2009-01-29 · Original thread
If I were doing this, I'd look into writing CLR code to integrate with SQL Server 2005/2008. As long as you could define classes and functions in .NET, you could use them as datatypes or functions in SQL Server. For membership, you might want to define them as functions in code, separate from the db.

a 31 year-old is 0.8 Young...why not 0.7 or 0.9?

Well, that depends on the problem domain. If you're dealing with US Presidents, 31 would be 1.0 young. And 50 would probably be 0.9 young. If you're dealing with dogs, 31 would be 0.0 young (I'm not aware of any dogs living more than 29). Sit down with a bunch of domain experts (one at a time) and poll them. You don't sit them together because they'll probably say things like "yeah, that answer."

I've not done much research into this for quite some time (and way back then, I was interested more in GIS). And a quick survey seems to say "nope, no frameworks."

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