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cma · 2018-08-01 · Original thread
I think Susan Lammers did the original in the tech/computer field, "Programmers at Work." (Not sure if Lammers based it on something else that was also titled similarly):

svec · 2017-06-05 · Original thread
"Programmers at Work: Interviews With 19 Programmers Who Shaped the Computer Industry" by Susan Lammers.

This book is from 1989, but it's a timeless and fascinating look at the minds of Bill Gates, Andy Hertzfeld (apple/mac), Dan Bricklin (visicalc), and 16 others.

walterbell · 2014-08-20 · Original thread
There's an 80s book with fantastic interviews of programmers before they became business leaders, check out the reviews: &

Some (all?) interviews free here:

sayemm · 2011-06-07 · Original thread
Gates was an extremely talented programmer. There's a great chapter on him in "Programmers at Work" -

Joel Spolsky also mentions his talents in some of his old posts as well.

EdwardCoffin · 2010-01-19 · Original thread
In the same vein as Coders at Work is Programmers at Work by Susan Lammers:

The book is now out of print, but the author has a blog on which she is gradually posting all the old interviews and also provides a place to discuss the interviews:

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