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tvalentius · 2017-03-18 · Original thread
If you are developing AI for games, then Programming Game AI By Example by Mat Buckland are one of the best book for that :
seivan · 2015-12-07 · Original thread
I really recommend I don't recall if it contained a segment of Behaviour Trees at this moment, but read up on BTs and replace any section containing FSM with that.
dyeje · 2014-12-11 · Original thread
I took a course on AI at University. The course had a lot of projects around video games. I liked the book we used:

Our final project was super cool. We got into groups. Then each group modified the AI of the soccer team in the book. Then we had a tournament to see who's team was the best. Winning the tournament was one of my prouder moments at school.

num1 · 2010-10-16 · Original thread
How does this look?

It's based on C++, and covers state machines, fuzzy logic, etc. It's a little old so there is no mention of behavior trees, but it does cover goal-driven behavior and is a great introduction to most techniques in AI.

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