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0xCMP · 2018-08-21 · Original thread
Yes and there is a newer 2016 version (2007 one came up for me first)

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gtani · 2014-04-23 · Original thread
One thing that helps alot is the various undergrad course syllabuses that have been given with emphasis on type systems and aspects of FP, immutability, segregating and strictly marking side effects etc. (P Wadler)


also the Apress "Beginning Haskell" looks pretty good, tho the writing isn't perfectly clear. The example topics and sample code look good, and that's what mostly counts.

The books by Hutton and Simon Thompson ("Craft of FP" 3rd ed)are good intros as well. Haskell school of music is really good, but not sure for people who aren't versed in music topics (harmony/theory, composition, MIDI, DSP.

dengnan · 2014-04-09 · Original thread
When I learn something, I would like to simultaneously read several books on the same topic, so that I could learn same things from different perspective. It works great for me when I learn Haskell, Scala, and other things.

Here is the list of materials I used to learn Haskell:

1. LYAH,

2. Real world Haskell:

3. Programming in Haskell: (No one suggests this book, but I do think this book is well-written and concise.)

4. Video tutorial by Erik Meijer based on Programming in Haskell:

5. Advanced topics:

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