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nik_0_0 · 2012-06-22 · Original thread
Hi, I am in a similar position as you, and have sought help in much the same way. The most common responses I got were:

Programming in Objective-C - Kochan ( I am currently halfway through this book, it is primarily focused on the actual Objective-C language, and almost nothing on actual iOS/Cocoa Development (some small bits in the later chapters). I was recommended this to learn the underlying language before jumping in, very enjoyable so far, the exercises are great.

I have heard good things about both Nerd Ranch books ( and will likely use that for introduction to Cocoa and iOS SDK.

Originally I planned on using "Beginning iOS 5 Development" from Apress as the iOS SDK learning book (, but it seems that the reviews are quite low compared to previous versions.

Finally, if you enjoy learning through video, the Stanford course is very highly recommended, through iTunes ( I found them very useful to start with, but I felt I wasn't learning much syntax through the videos, the talking portions are very in depth, but the coding portions are very quick (and went over my head due to not knowing Objective-C!). I will likely return to these when I have a working understanding of Objective-C.

(Most of these tips from my understanding of: and

runjake · 2012-05-22 · Original thread
It sounds like you really want to learn Objective C and the iOS frameworks. For that, I suggest the Big Nerd Ranch books along with the Stanford iOS development class videos.

If you want an intensive study of Objective C itself, look at the Kochan book. It's the bible.

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