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alekh2014 · 2014-10-09 · Original thread
-I would anyday recommend Raywenderwich tutorial. They are just awesome and so easy to follow.


-Just a problem which I tried to solve. Was searcing for one but didnt found any good solution.

- Lack of research, just creating app is not enough, you have to market your app. Also, Lack of time was my another problem

mattquiros · 2013-07-17 · Original thread
Hi, I was developing for Android first and am now doing iOS. I do think that Android is a bigger challenge than iOS, primarily because you have to cater to many different screen sizes. Sure, you have the iPhone 5 which is taller than the other iPhones, but it's more about "clipping" the content for the smaller ones rather than "scaling" the UI up or down for a screen size and Android OS version. It's also heaven how you can have arrays and dictionaries (maps in Java) that contain different data types in Objective-C, even blocks of executable code!

I used to do just Java and knew no C or C++. Below are the references that best helped me to understand the programming philosophy of Objective-C (it's easy to learn the syntax, but why code is being written a certain way is different).

Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition) by Stephen Kochan

CS193P: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Stanford, via iTunes U)

andymoe · 2013-03-11 · Original thread
There are hundreds of really good tutorials here:

For an Objective-C book pick up: "Programming Objective-C" (5th edition already!) [1]

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