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donmcc · 2012-06-18 · Original thread
Kochan's "Programming in Objective-C" is decent and I'm a big fan of Erica Sadun's "iOS 5 Developer's Cookbook"

If you've never programmed in C, you may want to seek out a good C tutorial. You can get pretty far in iOS working only with Objective-C objects, but plenty of C-isms leak through so it helps to be familiar with pointers, structs, functions and memory management.

Objective-C isn't too hard to get up to speed with, especially if you've ever worked in both C and a dynamic language like Python or Ruby. Wrapping your head around Cocoa Touch is a little more daunting, but Sadun's book does a good job of building up the basics step by step, then providing chapters on specific frameworks you can page-fault in as needed.

Apple recently added "Start Developing iOS Apps Today" which is probably worth taking a look for a beginner.

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