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GoofyGewber · 2012-04-21 · Original thread

This seems like a pretty good book, I bought the one I linked above, but reading isn't really my thing. I learn better through seeing.

andymoe · 2011-11-15 · Original thread
I see you studied computer science at least a little. I would start with a few of the programming guides on and check out the sample code from apple [1] and pick up a copy of "Programming in Objective-C 3rd edition" [2] If you are a visual learner and enjoy lectures (Sometimes annoying and slow for experienced programmers) check out the stanford courses on iTunes. [3]

I would strongly recommend downloading all the videos as well as Xcode 4.2 before you leave for China. The files are quite large and I hear it's a long plane ride. Sign up for the iOS developer program if you have not already - you can't build to your device otherwise. [4]

Feel free to shoot me an email (contact in profile) if you get stuck on something - I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Finally, learning to program iOS apps may not be your best use of time on a trip to China. Even if you are able to go often catching up with what is going on generally and what people are doing/using in the mobile space is probably a better use of your time while there. I know I would not be writing code if was able to take that trip and perhaps even speak the language.

[1] (Maybe the kindle edition for reading on your laptop/iPad)




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