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beltsazar · 2021-07-26 · Original thread
I've read many articles explaining Rust async and I think the best one is the async chapter of Programming Rust (2nd edition). It's not too daunting for someone new to async concepts, and yet comprehensive enough for someone curious about how Rust async works (future, waker, pinning).

Amazon link:

Direct link to the chapter (if you subscribe to O'Reilly/Safari):

I know everyone says how good Rust's documentation is but I tried learning Rust with The Rust Book and found it frustrating: too long and wordy on the easy bits and without useful insight on the hard bits. I ended up buying Programming Rust by Jim Blandy [0] on a recommendation from HN comments and found it must easier to learn from. I'm already familiar with several other languages, which that book assumes, so your milage may vary.


tracker1 · 2019-05-31 · Original thread
Somewhat agreed... If I hadn't started with the O'Reily book[1], would probably order. If the eBook were half the price, would get it anyway.

Edit: looks like it's a few bucks less on Amazon

[1] [2]

integricho · 2019-04-23 · Original thread
Off-topic, but I'll just ask, is the book Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development 1st Edition [1] still relevant / worth reading (given the book is based on an older, although stable? version of Rust)? If it isn't, does anyone know maybe if a 2nd, updated edition can be expected?


AlexeyBrin · 2018-03-15 · Original thread
There are two books with similar titles and I'm under the impression that you don't talk about the one the OP had in mind:

I think both are good books, I already have the second one and preordered the first.

gcp · 2017-02-06 · Original thread
There's several external books. I started from this one (via Safari):

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