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moocowtruck · 2018-03-07 · Original thread
This is undoubtedly the best c++ resource available
aaron-lebo · 2018-01-14 · Original thread
Read the rust book and actually build something with it. There's a lot of stuff in Rust that you just never have to consider in Python so there's no easy way other than diving in. Actually, Programming Rust might be better, but it's not free.

Shoothe · 2017-12-19 · Original thread
Red (and Rebol) are fantastic but unfortunately the learning curve is very steep for people that don't know it. I spent a month reading everything on the internet about Rebol, then Red was obvious but before that it's really hard to get into that world. IMHO Red should have something like a definitive book covering all aspects in one place (like [0]) because it has a vast array powerful features (URI, money, time literals, parse and other dialects) etc. Without concise but a complete guide the language appears to be just a weird "let's use [ ] instead of { }" construct.


maximilian · 2017-03-04 · Original thread
Oreilly has a pre-release book that seems quite good at explaining rust from a C++ perspective.

proctor · 2017-02-16 · Original thread
I have found this book to be an excellent resource. Also I have been supplementing it with the oreilly book "Programming Rust" (early release at this point) which has also been great. I have had very little experience with C style languages in the past and am mostly scripting until recently.
leshow · 2017-02-06 · Original thread
Oreilly has an early release available:

I have purchased it and it's pretty good. Although it really seems to be geared more towards experienced systems programmers. The online book is much better for beginners, IMO.

aturon · 2015-08-14 · Original thread
There's an O'Reilly book in the works:

And The Rust Programming Language ( is on its way to paper publication.

The newly minted Rustonomicon ( that covers deeper aspects of Rust is hopefully destined for the same.

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