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agumonkey · 2017-03-27 · Original thread
Some prolog books have chapters on how to implement ExpSys on it. I don't know much about this field, but in case you have nothing better ..

ps: this book

chollida1 · 2015-09-15 · Original thread
We're a pretty heavy user of Prolog for several systems. We use it for doing end of day allocations to prime brokers to determine the optimum allocations, basically a constraint solver.

I had it in the trading system for some time but I had to pull it out as I couldn't find a way to make its runtime deterministic enough. Most of the time it would be great and then on occasion I'd get 100 millisecond pauses:( I could never figure out if it was me doing something, the C bindings we were using or if Prolog just has a mind of its own:)

If anyone has any pointers on how to reason about the run time efficiency and performance of your prolog code I'd be willing to buy you a coffee!

Awesome book, can usually be found in any used university book store!

craigching · 2014-09-12 · Original thread
I just picked this up a couple of weeks ago:

Came highly recommended by David Nolen on his blog. Appears to have a good section on CLP.

EDIT: And completely agree with you on "The Art of Prolog", I have that too and have read most of it. Need to get back to finishing that up some day ;)

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