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edw519 · 2011-04-13 · Original thread
I had a chronic injury (rotator cuff) caused by years of weight lifting. It got so bad, sometimes I couldn't put my shirt on. The only "treatment" was laying off exercise. I thought I was doing something wrong until I realized that I had selected a "less than optimal" form of exercise.

I also had plantar faciitis, caused by years of improper running.

In 2005, I was recommended this book:

which totally changed my thinking and led me to many other resources.

Now my exercises are:

  - Hindu squats
  - Hindu pushups
  - pushups & chinups
  - Heavyhands on stairs
  - moderate running barefoot or with minimal shoes
  - 5 rites
  - occasional superslow on machines in the gym
I am in the best shape of my life with NO injuries.

Even though some of my responses were a little tongue in cheek, this one probably best supported OP's theme of "never looking back".

edw519 · 2009-10-05 · Original thread
Work (and life) is a marathon, not a sprint. No redbull|snacks|coffee|ramen here.

Eating: "Eat to Live", mostly produce:

Exercise: jogging, stairs, body weight exercises:

Heavy hands:

Perhaps the hacker's favorite (this is hilarious, but it really works):

Radix · 2009-02-03 · Original thread
Have you considered calisthenics? (I think it's called something else outside the US.)

I've been interested in this book, I prefer the idea of using your own body weight. And I don't like the idea of going to the gym by myself. I'm not interested in looking like a bodybuilder, with everyone being overweight simply being fit is quite enough.

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