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sateesh · 2011-07-09 · Original thread
The 2nd edition of Python Cookbook doesn't cover Python 2.5. It covers language features that were there till Python 2.4. ( The 3rd edition of Python Cookbook is expected to appear by end of this year.
pillmuncher · 2011-04-30 · Original thread
I recommend The Python Cookbook: It's not a reference in the sense that it shows you the language syntax or tells you the details of the standard library, but it shows how experienced Pythonistas do things in a way that might not be obvious to you if you come from a language like C or Java, or until you're Dutch.
russell · 2009-03-15 · Original thread
If you know a little Python, I recommend the Python Cookbook by Alex Martelli It is completely different from other types of books which are either references or tutorials which build some kind of project. It has hundreds of little recipes with discussions. The book is very readable and very useful, starting with simple functions, ending up with some pretty hairy stuff. 5 stars.

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