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I guess the question is what do you mean by advanced topics? What direction do you want to go in? The latter book you mentioned seems to cover a number of topics and is probably a good bet.

If you are interested in the web, both these books were good:

Here are a few books that cover some "advanced?" topics that I'd like to read when I have time (would also like to hear other peoples' recommendations on them):

I'm not sure on your background or the quality of these books, but an understanding of data structures, algorithms, and object oriented programming could be considered important:

Although these and other intermediate to advanced topics tend to be covered better in non-language-specific books such as this shotgun blast to the head. Don't worry, it's just an "introduction":

The python tutor mailing list is quite good.

Alan Gault Tutorial and book are good here is the actual book:

Dive into python is nice as well

Best way to learn is install python, work through some examples, and then work on a project.

Holden's book is good for a web beginner

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