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If you want to twist your mind over this subject, read Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner[1]. It's written by a couple of quantum physics researchers who spend some time thinking about WTF quantum reality means. It's one of the few metaphysical books on quantum physics I've found that sticks to the real science (and, as a result, has no conclusions).

The new 'player character' on decoherence is, essentially, the many worlds interpretation. That is a valid interpretation, and while it matches the data (and may not be falsifiable), I have a hard time buying it (where does all that energy come from??).


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Some books I've read this summer, which I can recommend:

- The Facebook Effect -- well-written insider's account of the history of Facebook and its ambitions.

- The Quantum Enigma -- an accessible digest of quantum mechanics and its philosophical consequences.

- Flesh & Machines -- a lightweight history of robotics and some wacky speculations by MIT's Rodney Brooks.

- The Language of Life: DNA and the Revolution of Personalized Medecine -- a well-backed account of what is or will be possible in medicine thanks to a better understanding of the genome and increase use of DNA sequencing for prevention, diagnostic, and treatment.

- ... by David Sedaris -- Funny short stories. Perhaps The Santaland Diaries for something light but really amusing, and When You Are Engulfed in Flames for something darker and more well-known. Also, if you like short stories, I heartily recommend Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules, a varied collection of short stories selected by Sedaris.

- Dreams of My Father -- Barack Obama writes candidly and beautifully about his childhood and early adulthood; it's not a political book, and it's worth reading for the writing alone.

- Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty: a chatty history of mathematics, and its perception.

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