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chrisaiv · 2015-02-08 · Original thread
Have you ever read Railspace? It might just need an update from someone like you.
mhartl · 2009-08-24 · Original thread
I previously wrote the Rails tutorial RailsSpace, which is now out-of-date but was very well-received in its time (see the Amazon reviews at --- ignoring the ones complaining that it's out-of-date :-). To remedy the perennial problem of outdated Rails tutorials, I'm currently working on an online Ruby on Rails tutorial book that will be up-to-date (and easy to update!) by design.

It'll be a couple months before I really get cranking, but I expect to be finished with the book by the end of the year. I'm also planning to make an extended screencast series once the book is done. You can follow the project's progress at

dpnewman · 2009-06-30 · Original thread
Railcasts by Ryan Bates are phenomenal.

I went through this book when I was learning Rails. I liked the fact that by the end, I had accomplished a bunch of things that I knew I would use again and again.

For a have on hand reference:

And a good compilation of beginner resources:

mhartl · 2008-02-26 · Original thread
I'd also recommend my book, RailsSpace (, a tutorial introduction to Rails and part of the same Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series as the Ruby & Rails Way books. It's a bit dated in places (damn, Rails moves fast), but is much more pedagogically oriented than the Way books, and hence probably a better place for beginners to start.
mhartl · 2008-01-21 · Original thread
Take a look at RailsSpace, which is an extended tutorial introduction to Rails. As one of the authors, I'm biased, but the Amazon reviews are pretty good:

N.B. As with virtually all Rails books, it's a bit out of date (despite having only just come out last summer!), but we focus on general techniques that are plenty useful in Rails 2. I'm currently building a site with some of the same features as the book application, and I often find myself referring to the book for guidance.

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