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calgoo · 2015-01-22 · Original thread
I just finished reading Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End [1], and then this comes out!! I want it now!!! This is so the way to go. If you are a SciFi fan, you have probably heard of Vernor's books, if not, I really recommend them. They have actually given me a brighter outlook on the future of humanity :) Apart from Rainbows End, check out Zones of Thought[2] if you want a outlook at what space travel could become in the future.

Back to the AR subject, I much prefer AR over true matrix style VR. Let us stay in the real world, move about the real world, extend it with the virtual.

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hartror · 2011-04-20 · Original thread
All of this talk reminds me of Rainbow's End by Vernor Vinge, a near future novel set in a future where augmented reality is ubiquitous. As part of the climax of the book there is talk of revoking a root certificate which would cause most of European commerce to grid to a halt.

Vinge is a computer scientist so the whole thing reads very well from a hacker's perspective. Also it won the Hugo & Locus awards in 2007. Am a big fan.

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