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callmeed · 2011-01-13 · Original thread
No, I agree. The "Ready, Fire, Aim" [1] approach is often taken to extremes. I see people do it with both their business plan and marketing approach.

But, I think the "Be relentless, never give up!" approach is becoming just as bad. A bad idea is a bad idea and you have to know when to move on or pivot big.

One is poor planning. The other is myopia. Both should be avoided.


tjic · 2008-11-05 · Original thread
Read _Ready, Fire, Aim_, one of THE best business books ever.

YOU are the only one properly motivated to sell. You have to do it, until (at least) you have it down to a science. Then you can teach that science to others.

It's hard hard hard hard work. I hate marketing and sales. But you have to do it.

petercooper · 2008-05-18 · Original thread
If any book results in me becoming a multi-millionaire, I'm thinking it'll be Ready, Fire Aim by Michael Masterson. Written by someone with waist-deep experience in multi million dollar revenue businesses and full of crazy amounts of advice. The focus of the book is marketing, although it most certainly crosses over into entrepreneurship a long way.

The reviews on that Amazon page should show how well it's regarded.

The thing about many "clever" marketing books, such as Seth Godin's (which ARE good), is that they don't help you clarify if what you're building is actually WORTH marketing. Ready, Fire, Aim looks at that side a lot more. You need to work out WHAT your product quite is before marketing it.

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