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gtani · 2015-06-01 · Original thread
google "physical modeling" and:


there's also 3 good basic textbooks on synthesis/sound design by Rick Snoman (Dance Music Manual), Martin Russ and Brian Shepherd that have specific recipes ("detune a saw and square by 3 cents...)


and if you don't have a synth, ask around for somebody that has Logic Pro X (several good synth models included) or Ableton with VST or AU's installed (you have to pay e.g. $100 for Analog unless you have Ableton Suite).

scrumper · 2012-09-14 · Original thread
Thanks for this! Did not know about ChucK.

Since we're plugging stuff we like, ChucK co-author Perry Cook's book, here: is an excellent intro to DSP and synthesis techniques.

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