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FarhadG · 2020-07-09 · Original thread
Shameless plug: If you're interested in building a complete engine, I published a book on WebGL 2, where readers go from the very basics all the way up to building a minimalistic rendering engine (THREE.js like) and use it to render a virtual 3D car showroom.

FarhadG · 2020-02-11 · Original thread
Shameless plug

My book on WebGL2 (500+ pages) takes you from understanding the rendering pipeline, WebGL2 API, etc. and progressively walks the reader by building a feature-rich 3D graphics engine in WebGL2 (ES6) that includes cameras, lights, shaders, post processing, OBJ models, etc. with a final project of a 3D virtual car showroom.

FarhadG · 2019-05-17 · Original thread
- (React) Have sold thousands and now offered for free:

- (Real-Time Rendering with WebGL2) Just reached out to the publisher. Let's see what happens:

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