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vvanders · 2020-03-28 · Original thread
Yup, so much truth here.

Take a look at Real-time Collision Detection[1]. I takes a great look at both algorithmic complexity and cache awareness. That's how it should be done.


xx3000 · 2018-10-03 · Original thread
I would also add Real-Time Rendering[2] and Real-Time Collision Detection[3] to the list of absolutely essential game development books.

[1] [2] [3]

vvanders · 2017-04-28 · Original thread
Along similar lines Real-Time Collision Detection[1] is a tour-de-force in spatial partitioning algorithms. It's basically data-structures for 2D/3D along with some really good coverage of common floating point numerical issues and cache friendly algorithms.

Easily the in the top 3 technical books I've purchased. Each page is solid gold and very little space is wasted.

[1] -

fsloth · 2016-01-10 · Original thread
If one is choosing C++ then performance is probably a part of the requirements equation.

These books discuss performant (and sometimes complex) C++ code - in the domain of computer graphics.

About how to use the new threading standard:

chipsy · 2011-01-07 · Original thread

Those two will clean up most of the biggest newbie mistakes, especially the Gregory one.

I also suggest this book for collision detection:

However, I haven't found the book that can adequately explain integrating collision into the rest of the game. It's a tricky subject which I'm still learning and might write about someday.

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