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hello_moto · 2011-12-03 · Original thread
None. I usually rely on the source code + javadocs. I might be biased but I find that most Java source code and documentations tend to be easier to read due to common practices employed by newer projects.

I can only give you pointers to JavaEE 6 books (overall).

Beginning GF3 is an OK introduction to JavaEE 6:

Oracle Tutorial (formerly SUN tutorial) for JavaEE 6 is another OK one (reviews were meh, but you've got limited choice so...)

I saw Amazon has the print edition and another one to be in stock by mid 2012 (Advanced Java EE 6...)

Here's another book covering Java EE6 (intro):

Seems to cover Servlet more than Apress book (first book).

You probably would need to know JPA 2.0 (ORM) as well.

And some more "best practices/real world-ish" tutorials:

Good luck.

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