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samstave · 2017-03-12 · Original thread
You might really like this book [0] -- while its talking about richmond, on NPR the other day they were talking to the author and he talks about how the port of oakland brings in 2 trillion dollars (or maybe it was all west coast ports) in economic GDP spending so its many billions of dollars of merchandise (10 billion tons per year) that flow through the port.

No way EVER that oakland would do anything to the port. The port was setup initially to export the war machine to Vietnam when we were fighting them - the logistics, experience and connections to Asia are more strong with Oakland than any other port...

One of our largest exports from there is arga and wine, heading to asia's REALLY large middle class, obv our inports in computers/electronics are gigantic.

Yeah, oakland should do a better job "profiting" from these exports and provide better services to their residents, but that is one of the most important ports we have.


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